We strive to be a loving family, a people who worship God, and disciples who make disciples who make disciples.



God has called us to join together in loving fellowship as a demonstration of how God has reached out to each one of us in loving fellowship through Jesus. We believe that God's arms are open to everyone, therefore our doors are open to everyone as well, no matter how different we may be. We are not perfect people and we don't expect you to be either. Being a family means that we are committed to each other during the ups and downs of life.

Also, like most families, our family is inter-generational. While we do have age-related activities, we also provide many opportunities for young and old to fellowship, worship, and serve together.



Worship is the out-pouring of our lives in testimony and gratitude as we walk with God everyday. We aim to provide opportunities for everyone at Trinity Church to express this testimony of gratitude, publicly, through song, instrument, and spoken word.  We believe that worship should flow from all generations, not just one. Our worship team consists of many talented musicians who have been called to accompany the church family in hymns and songs of praise.



When Jesus was on this earth, he gave us instructions. He told us to make disciples. This commission is for every believer, not just for pastors and those in leadership. God wants each of us to be growing as a disciple. We all need mentors and we all need to regularly study God's Word with others. Discipleship happens as we build spiritual relationships with those who have yet to put their faith in Jesus and with those who already have. God wants each and everyone of us growing as a disciple and making disciples in life-on-life relationships. At Trinity Church we try to provide opportunities for these relationships to flourish, while encouraging our members to pursue disciple-making relationships outside of the church as well.