We are committed to supporting worldwide missions. Below you will find the bios of several missionaries that we support. We are also in partnership with the Missionary arm of the Missionary Church, World Partners. Since some of our missionaries serve in sensitive areas, we cannot list them all.

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Young and Paul choi

Paul and Young are working as missionaries for Internationals at Purdue University, focusing on Chinese students and visiting scholars, but their ministry is not limited to only this group, but broadly open to international students overall.

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Wycliffe bible translator Missionary

We support 2 Wycliffe missionary families who serve in sensitive parts of the world. For security reasons, we cannot list their identity online.



Mark and Michelle Dinnage currently serve on the OMS Taiwan field with One Mission Society. Their ministry responsibilities include discipling people, working with a tribal youth, and serving as hospitality coordinators for the OMS Taiwan field



Larry works as an agricultural missionary through World Partners.  With more countries restricting the more traditional ways of sharing the Gospel, agriculture is becoming a lifesaver in the world community—spiritually as well as physically.


avant ministries

This Avant Missionary works in a sensitive area (therefore we cannot list her name), planting biblically mature, reproducing churches in as short a time as possible through innovative, creative means of evangelization, discipleship and national leadership training.


As a church family we sponsor a child through Compassion International. You can read about his story and his letters on our church bulletin board. If you would like to sponsor a child, please find out how below:

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